About us

Hola, Hello, Servus! Welcome to our SONRIZA shop!

We are an ethical brand rooted in both Munich, Germany, and the vibrant culture of Ecuador, South America. We offer you slow fashion products crafted by skilled Ecuadorian artisans and delectable dark chocolates with 70% cocoa, exclusively for the European market.

At SONRIZA, we strive to create a positive social and environmental impact through our handmade products and accesories as well as Ecuadorian gourmet products like our dark chocolates. We work with artisans from different regions of Ecuador, currently only from the Andean region. They use traditional techniques such as embroidery, weaving, spinning to create unique pieces that help revalue their culture and crafts. Additionally, we work with a start up expert in making chocolate in an artisanal way with cocoa from the most fertile regions of Ecuador. 

Our mission is to generate decent job opportunities for both artisans and farmers by introducing their products to markets abroad without compromising on quality or craftsmanship. Moreover, our commitment goes beyond just selling products; for every purchase made we organize workshops on menstrual health for low-income women while also donating menstrual items to those affected by poverty.

Therefore when you purchase from us you not only get an unique handmade product but also support a worthy cause - all wrapped up into one! 

Our Mission

... is to empower Ecuadorian artisans and farmers by preserving their cultural heritage and creating sustainable job opportunities. Through unique products, we share Ecuadorian tradition with Europe, making a positive impact on the lives of our creators. Moreover, we invite our customers to value the product, explore the techniques of craftsmanship, and connect with the story behind it.

Our Vision

...is to bridge Ecuadorian artisans, artists, and farmers with conscious consumers in Europe. We aim to create a synergistic marketplace for unique, artisanal products and support women's empowerment and dignified menstruation, making a global impact.

We connect you with artisans, artists, farmers and chocolate makers from Ecuador through our unique handmade products that have a story to tell.

Hola! I´m Sofia

the strategic and creative head at SONRIZA. As the founder, I'm on a mission to uncover heartwarming stories and products from Ecuador - my home country - that bring to Europe smiles and create social impacts. I'm not alone on this journey – I have a talented team by my side. Learn more about them on our website, and join us in spreading positivity and making connections through Ecuador's artisanal treasures. We're thrilled to have you with us!

Meet our Partners

What means SONRIZA?

SONRIZA is coming from the fusion of two Spanish words, "sonrisa" (smile) and "esperanza" (hope) because we believe that we all smile in the same language and smiles connect people.

  • Economical impact

    We collaborate directly with artisans and small businesses in Ecuador, where every product helps uplift local communities. More than 90% of our products are created by hardworking women, many of them moms, living in rural areas with limited job opportunities. Every purchase contributes to their extra income, which goes directly into improving the lives of their children and families.

  • Individual stories

    We celebrate the uniqueness of each product, showcasing the artistic and cultural skills of our artisans. Every piece is carefully handcrafted, ensuring its one-of-a-kind essence. Nature and people inspires us, and you'll discover its story woven into every item.

  • Celebrating diversity

    Our world is so diverse and we celebrate the connection between cultures, promoting diversity, the exchange of traditions, and knowledge in different areas. You can witness this diversity in our products and models. Together, we share and learn from one another.

  • Social impact

    At the core of our mission is creating a tangible impact. Many women are integral partners in this journey, and together, we empower our bodies and minds. A portion of our profits is committed to supporting menstrual health initiatives and providing menstrual products to rural communities in Ecuador.

Our Social Impact: Let´s talk about menstruation

A share of each purchase is dedicated to funding menstrual health workshops in rural areas in Ecuador.

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Join us in our endeavor to redefine commerce, celebrate individual stories, and make a meaningful difference. Together, we can craft a brighter future for artisans, farmers, consumers, and women around the world.