Linking talented crafters, cocoa farmers, and chocolatiers in Ecuador directly to you in Europe. Our handcrafted products not only tell a story but also create positive social change.

All of our products are crafted with love and dedication by skilled artisans from Ecuador, creating a direct economic and social impact in our communities.

At SONRIZA, you'll discover more than just fair trade chocolates; crafted from the finest Ecuadorian cacao, meticulously produced in small batches by artisanal chocolatiers.

  • Supporting artisans, particulary women and moms

    We collaborate with talented artisans across Ecuador, with 90% of them being women. Our Slow Fashion items are lovingly handcrafted, providing these artisans with an income.

  • Revolutionaring the chocolate industry

    Our partners collaborate closely with cocoa farmers to source the finest beans, crafting a unique chocolate experience.

  • Empowering through menstrual health education

    We believe in making a difference. A part of our profits are dedicated to supporting menstrual health initiatives and donating menstrual products to rural communities in Ecuador.

  • Connecting people and cultures

    We celebrate global diversity through our handcrafted products, connecting small businesses in Ecuador and fostering shared learning.

At sonriza, we imagine a future where you can make a positive social impact with every purchase you make.