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URKU Alpaca Amigurumi | Crocheted Alpaca toy

URKU Alpaca Amigurumi | Crocheted Alpaca toy

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Introducing URKU, the cute and cuddly crocheted llama toy! This special llama was skillfully crafted using traditional crochet techniques by artisans in the province of Bolivar, Ecuador. Hand-crafted with passion and dedication, this plushie is sure to be an instant favorite for any child or adult who loves llamas! Additionally, made with wool scraps, each URKU llama toy is unique with its own combination of colors that are the results of the artisans' creative works of art.

URKU is much more than just a stuffed animal — it has deep cultural significance for the indigenous communities of the Andes. The name "Urku" translates to “mountain” in Kiwcha, the native language of these people. Llamas and alpacas are very important to the maintenance and protection of these moors, so this toy is a great way to honor that tradition. 

    URKU is seeking a new home, and with their adoption comes an official certificate.


    Key features

    • Color and style: body white and black / scraps in diferent colors
    • Technique: hand knitting, down filling
    • Material: 100% sheep wool
    • Produced: In Bolivar, Ecuador 
    • one-of-a-kind 

    Washing instructions

    Hand wash using a mild soap. Wring out excess water carefully.
    Don´t use wash mashine.

    Social impact

    By choosing our URKU, you support the livelihoods of these skilled artisans in Ecuador,ensuring their invaluable traditions are preserved for generations to come. Thanks to your support, we were able to organize and host workshops on menstrual health in local communities in Ecuador. 

    IMPORTANT: Every item is handmade, unique and completely individual, with variations in color and embroidery techniques to show off the artisan's creativity. Please keep in mind that the item you receive may not look exactly like the photo shown. We hope you appreciate the handmade artwork and thank you for your support.

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