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Your Support, Our Social Impact: Empowering Communities through Menstrual Health Education Workshops

Join Us in Creating Positive Change Through Our Products

Making a Difference

At SONRIZA, we're dedicated to making a positive impact with our pieces with stories. We believe they're more than just products – they create a unique and personal connection with you, while also benefiting individuals and the planet. By joining our movement, you can help create a more inclusive and equitable society and take part in the fight against menstrual poverty.

Why We Talk About Menstruation

Most of our products are crafted by talented artisan women in Ecuador. While our customer base initially consisted mainly of women in Europe, we wanted to bridge the gap between these two groups and foster unity. We recognize that as women, we share a common experience in menstruation during our fertile years – a universal connection that inspired us to be open about this subject, educate ourselves, and make a social impact. Additionally, it is crucial for us to foster inclusivity and engagement across all genders, ages, and backgrounds.

Menstrual Poverty worldwide

Sadly, menstruation is still a taboo topic in many parts of the world, including rural areas in Ecuador, Latin America. Women face restrictions on daily activities and lack access to clean water and proper menstrual hygiene. The high cost of sanitary products contributes to menstrual poverty, affecting millions of menstruating individuals.

Did you know that over 300 million women worldwide menstruate every day? Shockingly, an estimated 500 million lack access to adequate products and facilities for menstrual hygiene management. In Ecuador alone, 4 million women face menstrual poverty. Even in prosperous Germany, around 100,000 homeless individuals and many living below the poverty line struggle with menstruation.

Bringing Menstrual Education to Rural Communities

We have had a remarkable journey with artisans across Ecuador and have come to an important realization - menstruation, a natural aspect of womanhood, is seldom discussed openly specially in rural areas in Ecuador. This revelation has set in motion our commitment to bolster menstrual health awareness and organize workshops about menstraul health. 

In May 2022, this initiativ started with a first workshop in collaboration with ALMAWA and "Red de Mujeres Imbabura" in La Esperanza, Imbabura, Ecuador. We are particularly thankful for the generous donation from Einhorn Berlin that provided 30 menstrual cups to the participants.

In 2023, we organized our second workshop in Salinas de Guaranda, a highland community in Ecuador. 45 women attended this event. We were fortunate to collaborate with two gynecologist, dedicated towards female empowerment initiatives. Collectively, we've gained insights into the significance of understanding our bodies — not just for improved hygiene and awareness of menstrual phases but also for empowering us to make informed decisions about our bodies.

Make an impact with every item you buy 

Now, a portion of the proceeds from every purchase goes towards organizing menstrual health workshops. This includes covering costs for administration, transportation, meals, tutors, and educational materials. With the support of doctors, NGO, and companies donating menstrual products, we can hold these workshops in rural communities for economically disadvantaged women in Ecuador.  

Be a part of this social impact

We invite you to join our mission and help us reach more menstruating individuals. With your support, we can empower them with knowledge about their bodies. Together, we can make a difference.

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Get involved in empowering communities with menstrual health

We are always on the lookout for passionate individuals and organizations to join us in our mission. Whether you're an expert in the field of menstrual health, a volunteer willing to devote your time, or someone who can donate resources, your support can make a real difference.

If you're interested in contributing, please don't hesitate to email us at your email. Together, we can continue to empower women and educate communities about menstrual health.

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