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Each SONRIZA product has a unique story to tell, and behind each one are extraordinary stories of talented people. On our journey through Ecuador, we have discovered the country's most exceptional artisans and chocolatiers. Our founder, Sofia, who is also Ecuadorian, actively seeks out these talented hands to collaborate in making products with a positive impact.

These connections have been fostered through recommendations from family members, friends of our founder, or immersive visits to the workshops and villages where Ecuador's finest crafts and chocolates come to life. The most enchanting aspect of our travels in search of skilled hands is witnessing the boundless passion and creativity that the people infuse into their work. We are proud to introduce you to the artisans and partners behind our products.

Hand embroidery t-shirts

Women embroiderers preserving the artistry

ALMAWA is a group of 10 women from La Esperanza, Ecuador, who have dedicated their lives to preserving the age-old art of hand embroidery. This skill, deeply embedded in their cultural heritage and passed down through generations. The meticulous craftsmanship and unique creativity that they bring to each piece are emblematic of the region's rich artistic tradition.

In collaboration with ALMAWA, we've created a unique collection of t-shirts that melds the cultural heritage of Ecuador with the sophistication of European design. Each t-shirt tells a story, a testament to the persistence of these women in sustaining their traditional art form. Moreover, every purchase made contributes directly to their income, supporting sustainable production methods and helping these artisans and their families to thrive.

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Alpaca wool products

Heritage of Paramos' Female Weavers

We are proud to partner with a women’s association in Bolivar, Ecuador. Located in the highlands of Ecuador near the beautiful volcano Chimborazo, this small village is home to 110 hardworking and talented women who make up the association. Most of these women are mothers and skilled experts at hand knitting with alpaca and sheep wool to make gloves, hats, coats, blankets and more. Each weaving project provides these women with an opportunity to make a living in their region, where job opportunities for women are often scarce.

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Leather accesories

The art of the leather working

We are proud to work with an enterprising craftswoman from Cotacachi, Ecuador - a small town known for its skilled leather artisans. Our artisan's expertise has been handed down through generations and her creativity and eye for good taste shines through in all of the accessories she creates. Each item is unique, combining the textures of leather with hand-woven Andean looms for a truly one-of-a-kind product.

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Sunglasses Straps

The art of hand weaving loom

Meet Alfonso, our artisan whose skilled hands create unique sunglass straps using hand weaving looms. His craftsmanship not only ensures the safety of your shades but also adds a touch of authenticity to your style. Explore these one-of-a-kind creations and elevate your eyewear game with SONRIZA.

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Menstrual health workshops

Powerful Impact: Doctors, NGOs, and Companies Making a Difference.

Our collaboration with doctors, NGOs, and companies enables us to organize and conduct workshops on menstrual health and donate menstrual products to economically disadvantaged women in rural communities in Ecuador.

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Bean-to-bar dark chocolate

Chocolate makers with a Purpose

We believe that true luxury starts with a commitment to ethical practices. We are proud to partner with businesses who share this same vision, like HUMA CHOCOLATE and AWKI. The Start ups located in Quito, strives to create high-quality artisanal chocolate that not only tastes great, but also supports the local cocoa farmers from different regions in Ecuador: the pacific coast, the Andean mountains and the Amazonas jungle.

Not only are these farmers given fair payment in return for their crops, but Huma Chocolate also works with them to improve the quality of the cocoa. Furthermore, each package of chocolate is adorned with an endemic animal native to Ecuador, symbolizing the importance of conservation and preservation in this region.

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We are always looking for new people and organizations to collaborate with, so if you have an idea or project that creates a mutually beneficial partnership for our artisans and SONRIZA, please contact us! We would love to hear from you. 🤗✨💚